How to join Bodrum Humanity

All Turkish citizens and foreign residents who have a valid residence permit in Turkey are welcome to join.  Temporary residents on a tourist visa are also welcome as visiting members. These members will not be able to attend the general assembly and are not allowed to vote.
For 2022, yearly membership fee of TL 50.00 goes towards the continuation of our activities and achievement of our goals. Therefore, the prompt collection of fees is of great importance.  
To apply for membership, you need to contact our secretary. For your membership to be processed you need to convey the following
1- Completed membership form
2- Photocopy of your identity card (Turkish id or Foreigner Residence Permit)
3- A photo you like (for our member photo archive)
4- Payment of entrance fee plus annual subscription fee (money order receipt or cash)

How to Pay the Annual Membership Dues?

At the beginning of every year, in accordance with the general association regulations, all members will be invited (regardless of the date of joining) to pay their annual membership fee during the first three months of each year. You can pay your membership fees using one of the alternatives below:
1. You can deposit the fees into our association’s bank account.

Account name: Bodrum’da İnsanca Yaşam Derneği:
Our account number

If you pay by bank transfer, please include “name surname year aidat” in the “açıklama” (explanation) field.
Not: Havale ile ödeme yaparsanız açıklama alanına “isminiz soyadınız yıl aidat” ekleyiniz. 

How to Resign ?

If you wish to resign from the association please contact our secretary.
In compliance with the Turkish Civil Code 4721, Regulation 70, members who leave the association or wish to resign are obligated to provide a letter of resignation in Turkish and to pay any back-dated fees for the period of their membership.

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