Who we are

Bodrum is a unique place, a treasured hub of art and beauty in the Turkish imagination and a place where worlds intersect. By the same token, Bodrum Humanity is a unique community organization, born out of the pain of the refugee crisis, expanding to serve the diverse needs of the underserved in Bodrum and beyond, serving a core mission of caring and connection.

Answering the emergency needs of the greater Bodrum community—such as the support we provided during the recent fires that hit hard—and providing for the material needs of women and children, as well as offering arts, crafts, and language workshops, we seek to bridge the divides of culture, language, class, and need that are often overlooked in what is generally considered to be a prosperous community, where those in need are often not seen.
  • President Ali Raza Haji
  • Vice President Yardımcısı Carole Acar
  • Treasurer Ayça Kubat
  • Secretary Chris Drum Berkaya
  • Member Özge Özkaya

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You can always join our association by becoming a member of Bodrum Humanity.

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