Our birth story

Bodrum Humanity was born in crisis.  In 2015, Bodrum was in the crosshairs of world headlines and we became one of many hotspots in what became a global refugee crisis.  The people of Bodrum—this treasured hub of art and culture and thousands of years of history—came together.  The passion, the compassion, the spirit of caring and giving that came out of the people who make up the Bodrum community—were the sparks that gave life to this organization.  As an immediate response to the crisis, an informal team consisting of Turkish and international residents, along with their friends and supporters came together to prepare and distribute breakfasts, dinners, clothing, hygiene packs and shelter to thousands of people fleeing the horrors of war. The team effort quickly led to the formation of Bodrum Humanity under the leadership of our founder, Ayça Kubat.  
As the immediate crisis subsided, the compassion and generosity of the Bodrum Community was sustained in a cooperative effort to make the world a better place, starting with those in need right here at home. The crisis had awakened us to the needs of other underserved communities, especially women and children, on the Bodrum Peninsula. 
We also became the central collection and distribution point for charitable donations of gently used household goods and clothing—we still are—and we are the place people come to when they find neighbors in need. 
In addition, with the support of grants from Global NGOs, we launched a community center in Islamhaneleri, where we provided a safe space and regular workshops for handicrafts, entrepreneurship, literacy, and language to underserved women as well as art therapy/workshops and after-school support for kids. 
Emerging from the pandemic, we plan to continue these activities by identifying and serving more communities in the broader Bodrum area while maintaining our on-going humanitarian support to these communities.

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